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Hi Everyone,

Precious Memories, officially Nora's Designs of Pre-Mem,  is an online store only now. My aim is to have every shipment sent the next day, or I send an email telling you why I can not ship an order.  Many Royal Doulton figurines, Lladro and Harmony Kingdom items are listed on Amazon. If you see anything on Amazon you would like, please call me on the toll free line and leave a message.  The North American number is 1-800-463-5200.  The selling price will be cheaper than what is listed on Amazon. I have to verify I have every order to be sure it is here in stock.  It appears about 50% of the pictures were lost from the website, because of broken links. Nightmare. 
Send an email to me at "" with your questions. I now have most of the inventory stored in some kind of order, and likely can find the items. I am still working on lining the inventory on storage shelves.  I will admit, I really do not like doing bookwork or Computer work, because it is hard to see any progress. However, I now believe the unseen duties of computer work and bookkeeping take up about 90% of a person's time when running a business.
Shipping costs have increased over the last year, delivery times are slower.  
All the best to you, and I look forward to hearing from you during 2022.
Stay safe,
Nora Boyle